About Us.

Bringing Your Data to Light

ReDirections NOVA is a tool created BY A SCHOOL COMPANY, not a software company. In 2004 our first company, a private college in Canada with multiple campuses needed a better way to manage the activities of staff, and a better way to handle leads and improve recruitment in to the school.  Since then the software development branch of our company has expanded along with the features offered in NOVA.  NOVA is no longer just a recruitment tool, it covers all aspects of the school business.

We feel that NOVA provides clients with a unique and intuitive way to really see what your data is and helps you to make informed decisions about your business.  NOVA provides users the ability to drill down in to numbers to see the underlying data - giving users this ability allows them to answer so many questions that might previously go un-answered, or even worse un-noticed.

Contact Us today to talk to a NOVA sales representative. Our staff have many years of experience in the school industry and can 'talk shop' with school owners, decision makers, and technology experts.